Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 Last week I had my first baby-free excursion.

Or was it two weeks ago?

A week and a half?

After "some unit of time I used to understand and keep track of before I became a sleep deprived milk cow" I went somewhere without Baby J.

I didn't use my massage giftcard that I have been saving since last Valentine's day, I figure it will be better experience after I can hug another person without my boobs making me cringe.

I didn't use my pedicure Christmas present, even though the candy cane pattern I managed to paint despite my big belly is quite grown out.

No, I used my little freedom to go grocery shopping and my big sis came with.

Lack of sleep and unrestricted calories= grocery shopping with abandon. I have never filled a grocery cart so full. Normally I don't buy store bought cookies, but TWO packs of oreos made it in. And those striped shortbread cookies? I needed those too. Oh, Cambell's in on sale for fifty cents? I need 12. And bean two? Oh well I've been meaning to work on that year supply.

And the best part? It was still only $160.

And it was liberating.


Jackijo said...

Well the oreos were for the MLK celebration, weren't they? Glad you got some time away.

Lindsey Layton said...

I'm so glad you got to go out without the baby. I hear an hour goes a long way when you have a little one :) Baby J is beautiful by the way!

Emily Z said...

What knockers!

Emily Z said...

...that last comment sounded way creepier than I meant it to.

Merkley Jiating said...

That is a ridiculously long receipt! I can't believe you only spent $160 though! I spend over a hundred each time I go grocery shopping and I never get that much!

ACW said...

Everything is better when when you are baby free and with your sister. I just caught up on all your posts. I LOVE YOU!


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