Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Cool to Pee Your Pants

One more fun thing about being pregnant is losing the strength of your "hold your pee in" muscles. They call this stress incontinence.

I bet you can guess where this is going.


It wasn't me.

We were at my brother's house this evening for the Maiden Name's Sunday waffle tradition when my sister was holding Baby J. She let out some pretty killer pants-filling farts and my sissy offered to change her. I asked her opinion whether or not my little peanut was getting some diaper rash. The verdict was that she may have the start of some. Sister said, "I'll just let her air out a bit. I'm not afraid of pee or poo. Between my daughter, the dog, and the new puppy I'm covered in it anyways." So she put the little receiving blanket underneath J's naked bottom and played with her on her lap.

Little did she know that my little peanut has quite the bladder, and one far larger than a peanut.

"ACK! She's peeing! Ah it's everywhere! Quick get me a towel! It's soaking through the blanket and getting on me!"

I'm chuckling while running to grab a blanket and then I fall to the floor laughing hysterically because then I hear my sister yell,


My daughter peed my sister's pants.

And soaked a receiving blanket.

And part of a towel.

I peed a little too.


Erin said...

Always good for a laugh. All you can do is laugh when your kids do that stuff. Like filling up their pants in the middle of a very quiet church meeting- that was me today! Favorite line was for sure about the "special parts"!

Katie said...

Too funny! I can totally picture it all happening too! Love you all!

ACW said...

Too bad the accompanying photo didn't make the cut. Seriously that was impressive.:)

Jerry said...

Keep in coming. I love your sense of humor.

Camille Elise said...

Oh that was so laugh-out-loud good! I truly wish I could have seen it for myself!


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