Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Gear

Remember when I posted about baby gear and how there is always something a mom will swear by? I found J's.

When my aunt and uncle gave me this overly generous present, what they really gave me was much, much better. They gave me showers without a soundtrack of crying. They gave me two hands to make dinner. They gave my husband that much more downtime. And my absolute favorite present?

They gave me three hour blocks of sleep without without my baby touching me.

*update: 5hrs last night! And i didn't realize hiw much more restorative sleep is when you don't have your "don't crush the baby" sense going.


Angela said...

How the crap did moms manage before?

Seriously. HOW?

jeanene said...

5 hours!!! That's almost a normal amount of sleep. She bay become a 'good baby' after all.


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