Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #78

The day you teach something a little on the edgy side, your principal will definitely come by unannounced and observe it.

Near the end of the year I teach a couple lessons on alcohol. The kids really need some sort of education on it before they head off to the high school. The National Institute of Health has some amazing science lessons on it so I pick a couple to teach. Because in all honesty, the kids are going to be drinking. My goal is to try and teach them do it less dangerously, and how to calculate if you are ok to drive. It is a life skill that most people don't have. If you don't believe me, work at a reception center for a few months and note how many wasted ADULTS stumble to their cars.

Today I focused on the principle of concentrations. It's chemistry. Promise. Cross the state standards and hope to die. I merely applied to alcohol instead of acids and bases.

After my 20 minute intro, who happens to walk in the door to see my lovely shot glass, wine glass, and beer bottle filled with red liquid? My principal? Of course! Does she ask the kid who is dumb as a rock what we're doing? Of course! Do I have any idea what he said? None! Does she come back again at the end of class to see what was supposed to be learned?

Actually, yes.

Thankfully. And she was fully supportive. Whew.

It's a good thing because I learned that kids get stupider in the very presence of alcohol containers.

"What is that?"
"Is that alcohol?"
"Can I taste it?"
"Are we going to have to take shots?"
"We're drinking alcohol today?"

You can imagine what stupidity happens when they actually drink out of them.


ACW said...

Of course! And whenever I'm on the floor doing something silly and un-educational, that's when my principal comes though! Sigh . . .

autumn said...

thank heaven for teachers like you. it's good to know someone out there is doing damage control :)


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