Monday, March 6, 2017

What Happened in January

OR what happened TO January? And February. Time to dump the photos. And as I'm adding them I'm going, "oh yeah! Yep, makes sense it disappeared."

So for Husband's bday we went out to fancy sushi in downtown Seattle and did a dessert crawl. We went to Shug's old fashioned sodas.

Then we looked up the best hot chocolate in Seattle that was still open and tried 9 different flavors. It was delicious.

My former exchange student Noriaki sent my kids chopstick trainers and a Pokemon game and the kids loved it.

We spent a jam packed week in AZ and I didn't take nearly enough pictures. This was for Madre Dos's bday celebration at the Riparian Reserve in Gilbert.

M started preschool and has been loving it

He also is learning how to pour out Italian dressing in appropriate amounts.

We had a fun day watching home videos and eating popcorn.

They put on a performance for us, complete with a spotlight.

M made the rind of the cucumber cover his teeth in a smile.

I burned the kale chips in an epic fail.

Lil Sis and I have started monthly sister dates. They are awesome!

M3 started scooting himself backwards, getting stuck under things.

I went to launch for bodypump 100

The moon was so pretty

M3 reminds me how messy it is feeding babies.

Penny loves pretending to be spiderman.

My cousin Shane came up with her kids so we got Russian food that reminded her of her mission. And boba, because I love boba.

Their trip ended a few hours after because the social worker called and had a very special baby for them to foster so it was a lovely 6 hour visit :) It was fun to have them even for that long.

J enjoyed pajama day at school.

My trusty carryon, a piece of matched luggage I got for my high school graduation finally broke it's handle. It made me so sad. Now I feel like I need to throw the other pieces away because I like things to match. I got Husband a fancy one for his bday since he travels so much more now so I'm thinking about getting one like it.

M3 does not enjoy peas.

We went to my friend Constance's house for a playdate and she had Krispy Kremes

 J had an adorable singing concert at school with a cute ground hog song. Unfortunately she went back to her classroom and threw up. But in the trash can! I was so proud!

I tried out a stitchfix box and the clothes were sort of terrible on me. SO frumpy making. I like clothes that make me look thinning, not larger. Nothing had any shape and I returned every single piece. I didn't mind the scarf but it was $35 and I decided I'd rather take the $20 hit and buy a $15 scarf I really liked than keep it for $35. (pictures were required to get sisters' opinions)

 Jacob and Caleb came to visit with Janette! We had so much fun! We went hiking at Paradise Lake Conservation area

 Friends 24/7 tuckered M out.

We played at the park and had lots of fun.

Janette and I went out for dessert after the kids were asleep.

 We went up to Snoqualmie falls and hiked a bit around the waterfall.

I have a picture of J at this same gear when she was 7months old.


 I finally finished my felt nativity scene that I started like 5 years ago.

I really love Pike Place Market. There is an amazing hot chocolate near by that I make every try. It's the best I've had outside of Spain.

We spent a very minimal amount of time by the gum wall, but it is a landmark

The crumpet shop never disappoints.

Then we took the monorail to the children's museum. The train is an adventure on it's own for these kids.

The robot at the end of the platform always delights M

 There is a mountain in the center of the museum and you can try and find all the birds hiding.

Then we checked out the Space Needle and walked to the playground outside the MuPop

The exhibit is genius, You throw rocks into the cages and they hit chimes. As it fills up, the rocks flow out of the cages.

And I finished two pairs of booties to send home with Janette for a friend of ours who had twins.

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