Thursday, January 12, 2017


On Christmas Eve I told M which presents we were going to open that night and he was just so excited, I found this opened downstairs.

I took a very sweet video as they came out to see the bounty. M was so sleepy and confused it took him a minute to register what was happening. J was excited about her santa gift and stocking, then immediately wanted M3 to open the present she had bought for him. Such a generous little soul. M was so excited about every single gift.


When I was a kid, we always staged all of our gifts for a picture and I get a kick out of seeing those photos now. It's fun to see what was exciting to me each year so I'm making my kids do it too.

I got a big fancy miter saw for christmas and the coolest stand to hold it! I can't wait to use it.

Here we are in our Sunday best! I love 1 hour church!

This baby got the jumperoo out of the garage for his gift. He was delighted with the wrapping paper the most.

 J wanted rollerskates and just charmed me skating around the house in them all week.


jeanene c said...

Such excitement! Wonderful. The two kids opening the big box looked like an illustration out of a Dr Seuss book to me. So fun! I adored your Sunday best photo too!

Katie said...

Cute little elves!

Lianna said...

What a fun photo idea! I'm so impressed she loves skating! It must be the dancer in her- so coordinated.


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