Tuesday, November 15, 2016

M3's Newborn pics

I realized I never posted the whole set of these! I wasn't in love with the color on most of them so I went in and edited them today. Black and white makes them look so much better!

How M really feels,

 I'm not sure which one I like better between these next two.

 I love this one of the boys

 This one actually looked better in color.

And oddly enough, my favorite picture was the one that the photographer took with my cell phone.


jeanene c said...

These are breathtaking! You have such a wonderful eye, and I am so impressed with your photographer. What a beautiful idea to have the photos on the bed! I'm so excited to get up there and hug them all!

Katie said...

These are beautiful! I liked the first one of the two where you couldn't decide which one you liked:)


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