Friday, October 28, 2016

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Bzzagent sent me free product to review so I decided to do a little before picture and 2 weeks after using it. I kept the same unflattering bathroom light and took it at the same 11pm time. There was no way to control for my variable amount of sleep and it's surprisingly difficult to take a consist side selfie. Can you guess which one is the before and which is the after?

 I think anti-aging stuff is sort of silly because we are all going to end up with wrinkles anyways. But I also am not looking forward to society devaluing me and would love to postpone that. And really, how much difference do they even make? If you couldn't figure the before picture instantly, how much money is a subtle difference even worth? I think it's a head game.

But the bottom two are the before and the top two are the after. I didn't really notice a difference but now that I'm looking at the pictures I can see little.

What was your guess? Did you get it right? Since I was already taking awkward photos of my face, I decided to finally bust open my sample of the $300 (!) face cream and see how that goes. Stay tuned for those results.

1 comment:

jeanene c said...

I got it wrong. Not a huge difference. I bet more sleep would make a bigger impact. Hope that happens for you.


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