Thursday, February 4, 2016

That time we did a Christmasy thing that I forgot about

My friend Rachel was singing at a nativity display. Our friend Diane isn't Mormon but was also going so we went. Diane and I both thought it was an outdoor living nativity thing but it ended up being a elaborately decorated church displaying hundreds of nativity scenes with a very formal concert happening in the chapel. Not something I would bring my active children to because it almost gave me a nervous breakdown trying to keep them from touching and destroying things. And the futile attempt to keep them quiet during the concert. It was stunning though and the music I could hear from the foyer was top notch. 

I almost typed that I was glad we went, but that is probably a lie. I just asked J is she remembered this and showed her the pictures. She just went "uhhhhhhhhhm."  Oh Dec 2015, may we forget you as easily as J has.

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jeanene c said...

Where was this? Sounds right up my alley.


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