Friday, February 5, 2016

Merry Christmas!

These kiddos moved too fast to get awesome pictures.

"Mickee Mowsh!"

A big girl bed!

Paw Patrol and Shopkins water bottles

Band-aids! Because the FSA money hadn't been spent yet...

Paw Patrol cars!

My Little Ponies Twilight Sparkle Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset (The name made me laugh)

You can't even tell how sick and miserable Husband and I felt! I should have also snapped a picture of my fancy new trash can and the new Mindy Kahling book Husband surprised me with. I gave husband a quad copter that didn't actually arrive despite me ordering it mid November. It wasn't even stolen off my doorstep like my sister's gift and my much needed continuing education book. You know, because Dec 2015 hates me. But the kids had a great Christmas and that's what matters.


jeanene c said...

Every year can't be perfect..or how would you know you had a great one! They sure have gratifyingly big grins though!

Lindsey Layton said...

I love the mix of fun and practical gifts. Sorry your month was so bad... Next year can only be better, right?


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