Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vertuccio Farms 2015 style

Lil Sis came down for a visit so Penny could make her debut so we visited the pumpkin patch with all the Maidename ladies and progeny.

Grammy is always up for adventure and jumped right along with.

If there is water, there will be M trying to soak himself in it.

The first time I went here with a groupon, I didn't think we'd come often enough to use this sign. I was wrong. Hooray for yearly traditions!

"No M, stand here"

The animals were a major highlight this time.

You ever feel like your kids are just climbing all over you? This goat feels your pain.

This glorious beast was willing to pose for us.


M is fearless and loved this 2 story slide over and over.

I was trying to convince M to stand in the sunflowers so I could take a magical picture that doesn't truly represent our lives. M thought this was a dumb idea because there was a playground right next to it.  I told him to try and reach a flower.

No magic, just evidence I need to buy him bigger shirts. 3T already dude?

But ducks are magical, right?

Did I mention that October is still miserably hot here? It is. So is trying to slather your albino toddler in sunscreen.

He knew the drill this time.

Cousin had to have a turn too.

Near the exit was the pumpkin patch so I figured I'd take my facebook worthy "Happy Fall" pictures there.

But then I got the magic! Not that I took it off the camera in time to be seasonally appropriate. The photo calendars for next year won't betray my secrets.

Seriously, this kid is awesome!

I'm rather fond of this one too.

And this picture is awesome in so many ways.

I'm so lucky to have so much family I adore being around!

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jeanene c said...

It was such fun to go with you all! I certainly have darling grandkids and such amazing daughters!


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