Friday, November 13, 2015

Balloon Fiesta

Considering my kid has an obsession with "Bawoons!" I was pretty sure he'd freak out experiencing Balloon Fiesta. After the epic road trip to Seattle, 6 hrs to New Mexico didn't even sound like a road trip. Thankfully Brian and Dantzel were willing to accommodate us.

My kids always like to do a 180 with my expectations so I was almost surprised when M really did freak out with happiness with all the hot air balloons.

We went early to see the dawn patrol take off. The balloons have a really pretty glow in the early light.

So many balloons!

I always like the Star Wars ones, but the bee family is my favorite.

They are my fav because they launch holding hands.

And here's a 6 person selfie after I retrieved M from running away. #longarms

Dantzel was my college roommate and Brian was Husband's so it is awesome to hang out again like in the good old days.

There is really nothing else like Balloon Fiesta and if you ever get a chance to go, take it. The traffi is ridiculous, but the adventure is worth it!


Katie said...

That really does look cool! I love the one of you cutie pie daughter giving you a smooch with all those awesome balloons in the background.

jeanene c said...

I loved when we went too! We will have to come again sometime

Erin said...

Cool! It was fun to see all the different kinds and Danzel and Brian all from our old NAU ward!


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