Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monterrey Bay Aquarium

Somewhere between Eureka and MOnterrey our AC decided to stop working. It definitely put a wrench in our plans. We decided to push on because the weather was fairly mild. We finally made it to the famed aquarium. Neither of us bothered to look up the admission and $50 a person really threw us a loop! Not quite worth it to me, but the kids had fun. There was crying walking in and lots of crying as we left, on top of the car trouble stress, but during was pretty fun. Oy, it was so crowded though. I did manage to grab a couple pictures of the magic moments though.

They really mastered the funny faces after two weeks of mom taking pictures of them. Always spontaneous.

They would have been happy to play at this little playground area with dress ups the entire time.

We almost got a full family picture but low lights and squirming children make it tricky.

Husband was willing to pose though.

Jelly fish intrigue and terrify me.

The coolest part of the aquarium is how it is right on the ocean. You can do outside on the balconies and sometimes see dolphins and sea lions. We were later in the day and didn't see any, but it was still cool.

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jeanene c said...

Way to make a hard day better. I especially love that last photo


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