Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pacific Science Center

One perk of having a science center membership is that you get to use it at other science centers, like the fun one in Seattle.

M spent most of the time in this "ellacopteh"

I love water tables!

For some reason, AZ museums don't have tide pool exhibits. It's like we aren't close to the ocean or something :)

The cutest astronaut.

We have a picture of J in this exhibit too. Look how time she is!

The dinos wanted to taste a little Penny.

Here is Penny

And a little throw back to J

And now

 So we threw M in the picture too. Even strangers were taking pictures of the cuteness :)

They had a butterfly exhibit with the BIGGEST and most gorgeous species the size of your palm.


This is the closest we got to the space needle and J recognized the "spaceship" from her books and other pictures.

Then we walked down to this really fun public fountain that places to music and the kids played in the water.

It was a really fun and very tiring day and the kids fell asleep on the ride some, M with his hand in the popcorn bag :)

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jeanene c said...

They are all so fun but I adore the Dino footprint photos. You have such beautiful adventures with your kids!


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