Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blueberry picking

So we left of almost a month ago in Salt Lake. So right back to the Epic Roadtrip! After Salt Lake we stayed a night in Boise and waxed nostalgic at Fanci Freeze. We loved going there when we lived in Boise as newlyweds. 

Fry Sauce!

We also took a little break at Dead Man's Pass

Then we headed on to Seattle and meant my lovely new niece! Washington has the most amazing blueberries so we went and picked some at a nearby farm.  Really folks, fresh blueberries are the difference between a sunkist orange from the grocery store and one fresh from the tree in AZ. There is just no comparison.

M wanted to sit an remove every berry from a bush before moving on. He took the job quite seriously and didn't ever want to leave.


Katie said...

Cute pictures!

jeanene c said...

Yea! More posts and photos ! I love to vicariously enjoy your trip! I was just talking with Aunt Bita and she was mourning that kids don't blog as thanks!


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