Thursday, September 4, 2014


The beloved princess umbrella from Spain finally met its demise after much abuse from various toddlers. Since its last moments were assisted by a cousin, said cousin bought J a replacement even though it was unnecessary. J loves it and has been using it as a makeshift lean-to.

Then she realized it matched her dance outfit and pearls. I was wishing for a perfect white backdrop.

Ever the egalitarian, she insisted her friend Taylor have an umbrella to play with as well.

Please note my pants-less son with one shoe on in the background. Keeping it classy.


Katie said...

What darling girls!

jeanene c said...

I am amazed the umbrella made it this long! But the new one is a major improvement and how adorable is the pearls ensemble! She is so lovely!
I think there are white sheets in your shed, might work for a backdrop.

Elena said...

That is too adorable! She's got an eye for style that's for sure :)

Lauren Opie said...

Who needs pants when you have a diaper? That's always been my motto.

jeanene c said...

I just looked at this again and I decided she should be singing 'good ship lollipop'. I think it's her hair partly.


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