Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Lately According to My Cell Phone

I was realizing that we haven't gone on many formal adventures lately and I was wondering why. Then I realized how much energy and brain power my new job has taken up. All of the restlessness I get when I'm not actively pursuing goals or learning new things has been satiated by work. I'm finally getting my bearings a bit.

Back in May the manager at my gym recruited me to teach BodyFlow, a tai chi/pilates/yoga class by Les Mills. The training I signed up for got canceled so my manager convinced me to do the RPM instructor course. It's a spin cycling class and, oh man, it was an intense 20 hour training over two days and I felt like the bike seat was going to need to be surgically removed from my butt. The Flow training the next month was much more pleasant, but still intensive.  It is all choreographed so I am constantly learning new songs and moves in addition to the 5 classes a week I teach. This weekend I finished up the Silver Sneakers training so now I can teach classes for seniors as well. It's been amazing getting paid to workout instead of giving money to the gym. With 5 classes, I make more than I did subbing once a week and I'll tell ya my legs never looked this good while teaching. The childcare is much easier to arrange since it is on site and my kids love it. M has all of 10 words and one of them is sweet mispronunciation of Heather who manages the gym daycare. Seriously, this job is the best gig ever.

And I get a bunch of gold stars. At my class last night, one of the members told me I was born to teach yoga. I don't get those gold stars for motherhood and definitely missed recognition when I stopped working.  Even if someone tells me my kids are so well-behaved, I laugh and then get nervous instead of taking it as a motherhood gold star. It was much easier to accept, "My daughter loves your class!"or "You are the best sub ever!" No one gives me a star when I manage to find the source of the funky smell in my van or get the laundry put away the same day I washed it. Working is good for me. However, I now have an unhealthy obsession with workout clothes and manage to spend quite a bit of my paycheck on Fabletics, but that is a post in and of itself. 

So yes, the whole point of this is that I don't have many photos because we haven't been on adventures. Thankfully, I always have my phone handy to record the every day adventures. Like M waking J up from a nap with a vampire kiss.

J's remarkably accurate drawing of a camel. We will ignore the 6 legs part.

J asked me to "make her hair flat" and this was as good as I could do with a blowdryer. It is down to her shoulders when it is straight.

We got a Baby Alive doll from BzzAgent. J loved it but got bored with it. She named it Panda Sleeping Beauty. M has now appropriated it and loves to feed the baby. Since it distracts him from trying to shove half eaten food in MY face, I fully support this.

This exists at Target and the world needs to know about it.

 J thought the pillowcase would make a great hiding place.

My single friend turned 40 and I found this amazing gift for her. Ever since I bought it, Amazon suggests VERY amusing things for me to buy.

M inherited this onesie and it pretty sums up all of our communication difficulties.

And this smile sums up all the fun we have despite the frustrations.

This is why everyone needs a sibling.

I went paddleboarding with some friends and they brought their dog, complete with life vest. He loved chilling on the front of the board.

When you are stuck in isolation from all Sunday worship, it's best to entertain your son with selfies. Especially when he is wearing a bow tie.

 I went shopping with J and she insisted on taking pictures with all the mannequins. I blame Legoland.

"Hold me up and take one with me!"

Awkward selfie.

She is holding the outfit she picked for preschool.

I went to go see a punk rock show with my sister and we had a blast. Both of our cousins' bands rocked it and made me remember why I love the music still. There is something magical about listening to great music incredibly loud and dancing and jumping with a bunch of strangers who love it as much as you. Although I will say the ringing in my ears afterwards and the sleep deprivation the next day served as a reminder on why young people are the biggest audience. Still worth it though and I have resolved to go to more shows.

Hopefully I get some more adventures now that I don't feel like I'm drowning in choreography to memorize. I mean, October is just around the corner and fall just demands mommy blogger excursions. Until then, expect more mediocre cell phone pics.


jeanene c said...

So glad you are still enjoying your work. It sounds like the perfect job...except I miss the 'teacher rules'. Maybe there will be some 'exercise rules'??? Plus Any photos of your darling family are great photos in my book. Thank you for all of them

Katie said...

I love everyday photos almost more than the big outing ones. I get to see your real life that way. And the job sounds amazing!


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