Tuesday, July 8, 2014

M's nursery

You know, I actually finished decorating his nursery when he was about 4 months old and intended on doing a pretty post where everything was styled beautifully.

And here we are after his 1st birthday and I still haven't made the time to style and photograph it beautifully. So I grabbed the camera and took pictures that aren't magazine ready. Oh well. At least they exist.

I was going for a travel sort of theme. This is the hot air balloon mobile I put together. I purposely did not google ideas because I'm afraid that pinterest has stolen my creative juices. I had J paper mache small balloons with tissue paper with me. I used decoupage as medium and thought it had the coolest texture. I almost voiced aloud that it felt just like a paper lantern. Then my librarian voice said, "Duh" and I kept the thought to myself. The baskets are an origami vase, tutorial here, attached with fishing line.

I was so proud of this map. I had looked up lots of pretty water color map inspiration and actually had a project turn out the way I had hoped. A piece of water color paper that large runs about $30 and I really didn't want to mess it up. I even did some practice experiments on other paper and finally understood how museums have "studies" of famous works. Fancy artists did practice pieces too!

And I know it is silly, but I'm proud of it because it is the first piece I'm done that involved no tracing or grid drawing. Yes, my secret to artistic endeavors- trace a photograph.

Here is the pretty display of shoes. Confession: I did tuck the shoe laces in and clear off the top of the shelf.

And the mess underneath the top shelf that I didn't touch. It is an elaborate organization system for clothes that are now too small. But you'd never know if I just showed the top picture.

The fun two-toned curtains that I meant to iron before photographing. Actually, that I meant to iron since I originally hung them to test the length. Not on the priority list for the last 10 months. The rocking horse was a garage sale find for $1!

 This globe was a goodwill score for $2.50! It is strategically turned so your can't see the brown mystery stain J added to it.

My magazine shoot had all of my Aden and Anais blankets lovingly folded and styled. Instead, here is the every day mass left out of the globe shot.

Following the origami and watercolor theme, these pretties are hung over the glider.

I like the dimension the paper gives it.

And the vintage reading books salvaged from my parents house. I was so excited to read these when I was a kid. My OCD hates that the collection is missing some, but I still love the pretty colors.

So there you go world, a mix of pretty and real photos to inspire you and make you feel better about your normal looking home.


Marilyn said...

Looks great! And that water color painting is something else. I've never seen one like it.

The Five that Jive said...

Oh my gosh I am in love with this room!! I especially love the origami pictures and the watercolor map is out of this world!! So creative and cute. Love it:)

Lindsey Layton said...

Looks great! I loved the Mao when I saw it in person and I love it still!

jeanene c said...

You are amazing..... as always! I am always a bit surprised that artsy people are related to me! Then of course there is your father so it is natural after all. The map is truly wonderful and I have always loved origami as art. Beautiful.

Todd said...

You know what would complement that theme so nicely? A nice, hand-crafted wooden byplane. If only M had less lazy uncles... I promise...it is on my bench, and on the list of projects. Truth be told, I've been looking foward to it. I just need time and sanity...I can't seem to find both at the same time. Still, I'll be a lone man next week....hmmm

Katie said...

What a great room!


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