Sunday, July 13, 2014

Carlsbad 2014

We had a big Maidename family reunion in Carlsbad, CA over the 4th and it was epic. Cheryl the Great and her husband Scott (I called him that and J corrected me, "No, he's Boss") organized and sponsored the entire thing. I know every mama who attended appreciated not having to plan and pack meals. Camping is far more pleasant one someone else does that. And Cheryl even included kid friendly fare for each meal. For 40 dad gum people. A-mazing. That alone is a logistical nightmare. And don't get me started on the hulabaloo required for getting the most perfect sites at the best beach campground in California. It was stellar my friends and we love them so much for it. Here is a bit of the magic. (And I hate that I'm missing pictures of so many family members! It isn't personal, I promise!)

I know there was a reason for this frowning version, but I can't remember what it was.

 Sometimes I pack prizes for my children to bribe them into behavior I want. I wouldn't do it if it didn't work so well. I think that $1 stackable crayon from Target bought me 1 hour of fun conversation with my cousins. Well worth it :) The super cute new swimsuit my daughter refuses to wear at any time after this picture, not worth it.

Possibly the combined influence of The Little Mermaid, Bubble Guppies, Jack and the Neverland Pirates, and a few ocean themed Backyardigans, J has asked me earnestly every week, when she is going to turn into a "nermaid." I've told her they are just pretend but she doesn't actually believe me. She was quite pleased with this :)

M didn't get the concept of what we were doing, but you better believe he was going to have a turn. He refuses to be left out.

And in case you are feeling bad for my parents for not being able to join us, you are wrong! They did manage to make it. If you have ever read Flat Stanley, you might recognize Elder and Sister Maidename!

They enjoyed the sunset with us

And if you know these two, they never miss a chance to smooch during a pretty sunset.

Mom even came with us when Cheryl the Great treated us to mani-pedis. I don't think she fully appreciated the massage chair.

I loved my 80's style pedicure.

Mom loved the colors Big Sis and I chose for our manicures.

Dad saw Big Sis eating a fig Newton and had to have a bite.

Of course they had to give baby Jace some smoochies. I mean, look at those cheeks!

Stay tuned for the adventures we had at Legoland!


Daniel Quillen said...

This is really Aunt B and I have to tell you, this reunion looked so fun!! I love so many of those faces in your pictures and it did my heart good to see them all...I can only imagine how your mom is going to LOVE this post!! Especially the Flat Stanley version of them! SO FUN!!!

Elena said...

I didn't know that's what those drawing were for. That is so fun! I want to come next time!

jeanene c said...

The sad faced Todd and Sara was because our 3 D selves weren't there of course! Thank you for including our 2D versions. You are all adorable! What a superb holiday it must have been. I adore the nermaids, but I'm sad that all those babies are growing up without us there.... Sooon!


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