Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Katie's Kids, Portillo's, and Home Sweet Home

My cousin faithfully keeps a lovely blog and I was excited to actually meet and talk to her kiddos in real life. They have such wonderful personalities and I'm happy I can now hear their voices when I read the text of what they have said.

You saw sweet Eli at the Arboretum

Here is his big sister Ali. She is as sweet as can be and loved pushing M around in the stroller.

This is her twin brother Logan and I had no idea what a jokester he was in real life.

I adored them all and am so happy I was able to visit them. Now they just need to come to AZ! The last part of the adventure was a trip to Portillo's. 

Because I am from AZ, I first read it as por- tee-ohs, but it uses the typical L sound. It is a Chicago staple but oddly enough one had recently opened in Tempe and we'd tried it a week before my trip. Naturally I hd to try the authentic on to see how it compared. Friends, I submit they taste identical. I suppose it was a second to last adventure because I went out to breakfast with Lianna on the morning of my departure. No pictures of it though because who has time for food pictures when your kid is in a high chair unassisted for the first time? I will say that toasted coconut on french toast is brilliant.

After having a nonexistent layover in Denver and barely making the second flight, it was great to be home. It was so sweet to come home and see this sign Husband and J had made to greet us.

And the dozen doughnuts with the same sentiment written on the box :) I appreciate having such generous and accommodating family, both in Illinois to stay with and in Mesa who watch my kid. 


jeanene c said...

I have to admit, my sister's family is just wonderful. Almost as wonderful as mine; super adorable and fun to be with.

Katie said...

Ah, cute kids:)


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