Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Technically this was last Saturday at our ward party, but who cares?

In the tradition of Mary Martin, my daughter wanted to be Peter Pan and insisted on making her gender even harder for strangers to figure out. She repeatedly protested the idea of being Tinkerbell, despite us having the most perfect fairy dress ever. I don't really blame her though. As far as characters, Peter Pan gets to do waaaay cooler stuff. Note the most amazing boots in the world. They were a splurge for $20 but I figured I could have spent that much on a pre-made costume and at least she can wear the boots all winter. And if I have another girl someday they can be handed down.

 I spent $2 on the the green shirt and sewed two lines to make the sleeves smaller. Then I just cut the bottom off in triangles. Easy Peasy. The hat was made using this tutorial out of green felt I already had. The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes of work. I felt bad throwing away the bottom half of the shirt I cut off and thought I could easily thread a little elastic in the bottom hem to make something out of it. This little bit of craziness was born.

I know, I fully admit to being ridiculous. I was going to add felt wings to make her Tinkerbell (Peter Pan carrying around a mini Tink! I loved the image), but  J said Dolly should be Peter Pan too. The hat was another scrap and was just one seam. Really, it only took ten minutes and she loved it.

This was what M was supposed to be

"What do you do with a drunken sailor?"
 The eye patch wasn't really his thing.

Oh what mothers subject their children to!

I was able to convince Husband to be Smee. He agreed as long as he could be Sexy Smee. Since they don't carry deep V-neck shirts and short tulle skirts with thigh high tights for men, he just rocked the hat. Of course Smee wears a midriff baring shirt in the cartoon, but I didn't think the world was ready for that much sexiness from my husband :)

I was Izzy. This whole theme came from J's suggestions, prompted by one of her favorite shows, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. For awhile she was going around saying, "Yay hey no way!" and "Please give me my sword back Captain Cook please." She still puts any tube shape up to her eye and has the cutest inflection as she says, "Ahoy there Captain Cook!" I love how she says Cook instead of Hook. Anyways, after I asked if she wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween she said replied that she wanted to be Jake. I told her that was perfect and I could be Peter Pan. She vetoed that and insisted she be Peter Pan, every day I asked her for two weeks. So I decided on Izzy to go with the theme. Only a few adults knew who I was, despite my luck in finding the perfect shape of purple skinny jeans.

We had several Halloween festivities so she wore the Tinkerbell dress to those as a comprise :) Those pictures will be coming soon. 


jeanene c said...

You are too adorable for words. I love the creativity and fun! The day will most likely come that she will only want girly costumes so enjoy this stage while you can. Then again she may always require something innovative. How fun to wait and see. I laughed out loud at Miles. What an adorable little pirate!

Merkley Jiating said...

That is an adorable Peter Pan. You are so nonchalantly over-the-top. I love it. You are really talented.

Todd said...

I enjoy you. As a person, as a blogger, as a mother, as a creative ...I was going to go with "genius" but I didn't want to give you a big head...force?...let's go with creative force, and as a backbone to your family, both immediate, and (admittedly to a lesser extent) extended. I'm impressed by what my family manages to do and come up with. And you, especially, make it appear effortless. Yes, I know that you detailed your effort in this post, and attempted to minimize it, to some degree, but the "20 minutes" that you talked about things taking you would've somehow been hours for me.

You have an adorable family, and your hubby absolutely rocked "sexy Smee". Glad to see you and your baby.


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