Tuesday, July 16, 2013


M was born tongue-tied. That means his frenulum, or that stringing part under your tongue keeping you from swallowing it, was attached closer to the tip of his tongue than normal. It made it so he couldn't stick his tongue out as far as typical babies do. He had a little procedure three days after he was born where they essentially just snipped it. You can see a little of it in these fabulous pictures of him crying. I kind of love crying baby pictures. Weird, I know.

Here's another view

And here's the sweetness he was before I tried to get pictures of his tongue. He is so much bigger since May when I took these. It's crazy how fast they grow.

Then I tried to take some one handed after I picked him up and called him down.

It only worked for a minute.

Now even the fleshy lump is gone. All the nurses and doctors said is was genetic and assumed my first had had it too. Nope. Then me or my husband must have been. Nope. We are apparently genetic anomaly.


jeanene c said...

They just don't understand that you are all super wonderful and that there have to be occasional obstacles for you to overcome or you would just be perfect! I love the crying baby photos too, I guess they have more personality in a way.

Todd said...

Or it could just be that you stole a baby. Though....he IS definitely worth taking the rap for.

In a mostly unrelated note, Uncle Todd hasn't forgotten about wooden airplanes....he just has been inundated with work issues, and crazy busy. It is still on the to-do list, and I've even got wood bought and ready. Your patience is appreciated.

Lianna said...

He is so cute. And, apparently loving crying baby pictures (or even finding crying babies a little fun) is more actually genetic than tongue-tiedness. O wait. We aren't actually blood related. Well, what do genes really matter anyway?

Carm said...

Did he have the little slit/cleft on the tip of his tongue before the tongue untie procedure? I'm asking because my baby had the same procedure and now she has the same slit and I don't recall seeing it before the procedure.


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