Thursday, July 18, 2013

4th Festivities

Normally we spend the 4th at the Maidenames BBQing but since they are currently in Spain we had to make other arrangements. Fortunately my dear auntie was throwing a mega BBQ at her shiny new house. It happened to be in the flight path of some biplanes flying in formation.

 They had an expansive Italian soda bar with this handsome barristo.

We met up with my sister and her progeny, Benji has become quite the smiler.

I took pictures of everyone who was sitting at the table with us, but they didn't all turn out well and I try not to post awkward looking photos. Matt's looked good though.

 And this dessert face was priceless.

Speaking of dessert, what is the 4th without a pinterest inspired dessert?

The kids had a great time in this giant water park for the backyard.

There was the most amazing array of meat, expertly grilled by my extraordinary uncle.

They even provided glow necklaces and cemented a place in my daughter's heart forever.

We stayed for the after party too where Benji showed off his crawling skills and the ability to replace his own pacifier. These skills are game changers.

I was hoping M was not taking notes.

Meanwhile, the girls explored the impressive collection of toys currently being saved for future grandbabies.


jeanene c said...

Wow. Looks like some kind of party! Grammy and PopPop will be old news when we finally get back. Thanks for all the photos. I just can't seem to get enough. Love you!

Elena said...

I love that family of ours. Cousin D's smile kinda reminds me dad's. Thanks for posting!

Scott_Stone said...

It is scary I looked drunk. Fortunately, it was really an Italian soda, and that is about as strong a drink as I have ever had.

Alicia W said...

Beautiful pictures and fun memories. Thank you for recording it all so perfectly.


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