Monday, October 22, 2012

My Little Mime, Not the Creepy Kind.

I don't actually know how old my kid is so I just say she'll be 2 in December. Saves us all from doing basic math. I can't figure out where this almost two year old came from. Maybe the cupboard?

Dude, I feel like December is a blink away and I haven't wrapped my brain around a two year old yet. I'm not dreading it though because every day she gets a little more fun. These pictures are from a goofy grin she gave me with her mouth full of milk. I did the grin back and thus it went back and forth long enough for me to snap a picture of it. Makes me think of her milk face when she was just a few months old.

The mimicking has become a favorite pastime for her.

A couple weeks ago I was making paper cranes for a project and left some of the paper out. That night while I was out, she would grab a square, spend a couple seconds crumbling it in different ways and deliver her "crane" to Husband, repeat ten times. We have also found her carrying a crowbar from the mid-remodeled bathroom, as well as a small sledge hammer. She will also nab our toothbrushes given any opportunity.

She also enjoys dumping things on the ground, exclaiming "A mess!" and proceeds to get out the broom and dustpan. I wish I could harness this desire to clean. Brings to mind this graph.

Since she has mastered the sliding and climbing of chairs, I have a sous chef whether I want one or not. I couldn't ask for a cuter one though. I do wish she knew that relish goes into the bowl of tuna instead of tuna in the jar of relish.


jeanene c said...

Thank you for the photos. I love seeing and hearing about all her cuteness.

jeanene c said...
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Alicia W said...

Oh my goodness! I just caught up on your blog! Jaela is so big! When did our children grow up?

Katie said...

She is truly adorable. I love the milky grin:)


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