Monday, May 7, 2012


So I mentioned last week that I painted all the beige walls in my house light grey. It looks fantastic! Brighter, more open, and updated. Plus I rearranged the furniture and pared down the mass of toys to 10. I feel like I have a new house. And as soon as the finishing touches are up I will posts far more pictures than anyone really cares to look at.

Well my friend watched J and my mom came over to help so we were able to knock out the entire kitchen in two hours. (This is the first time I've bought paint from somewhere besides Home Depot or Lowes. I may leave my husband for Benjamin Moore. It was actually $3 cheaper than my former fav Valspar and covered in ONE coat! It was just their regular paint, the cheapest version they had. I'm a believer and will never go back. I would even pay double per can to simply save on the time.)

Well I just had the tip top corner of the vaulted ceiling left the next day, so I decided to just finish it really fast thinking J would entertain herself for 15 minutes.

She did.

I look down and she's on the bottom rung. I hold a 3 second debate in my head and decide to finish that last little bit since she is only a few feet from the ground if she falls. I look down again and the girl has managed to get to the second rung. I grab my gear to get down and she is now sitting happily on the second rung where she finally has access to the much beloved water dispenser.

I have a small problem. There is a one year old between me and the floor. After some tricky yoga postures, I manage to get down without toppling the toddler or spilling paint. Since she wasn't disturbed in the slightest, I grabbed the camera for evidence.


Erin said...

Grey is the new beige! I don't have any beige in my house my I'm contemplating painting my bathroom or cream great room walls grey... I usually buy Vaspar too- it rated well on consumer reports which is my go to for buying pretty much everything. I might have to try BM. I loved the thought process on the ladder.

Merkley Jiating said...

She is getting so big! I have never painted anything bigger than the size of my hand. I will probably need a lot of tips from you (DIY goddess) when we finally buy a house.

jeanene c said...

If she is like your oldest brother, she won't fall. If she is like your oldest sister she will. You and your brother were smart enough not to do the climbing thing too much.


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