Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #73

Lower your expectations for jr high geography knowledge.

When asked, "What is a country you'd like to visit?" the following were popular answers


None of which are countries. Hopefully you already knew, although I did have to look up Jabuti myself.


shamers said...

i love Djibouti!

jeanene said...

So I've never heard of Jabuti or Djibouti. What is it? And hey, it's not just the kids.
Americans in general don't know their geography. Just ask Leno.

Katie said...

My roommate in college was from New Mexico and our peers at BYU often thought that was another country...

Pretty funny, though!

Nikki said...

Nice. Two states, a continent and 3 cities....!

Emily Z said...

Well, technically the Republic of Djibouti (pronounced Jabouti) is a country. Whose capital is Djibouti. Heh.

So, kind of?

Petra said...

I think the "Jabouti" kid may have been trying to make a joke... as when the word is said out loud (depending on how you pronounce it), it sounds like 'the booty' or 'ya booty'.

Joseph Quillen said...

I agree with Emily Z. Technically because when asked which country they want to visit, One can only assume that they did mean Djibouti the country and not the city. So, score 1 for the people who were thought to be dumb. Im surprised Africa wasn't on there.

RatalieNose said...

7th grade Geography we all hear of Djibouti and fell in love.


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