Sunday, November 7, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #35

No one ever assumes it was the teacher who farted.

One more lovely lifestyle addition to being pregnant is uncontrollable flatulence. I was walking between the rows of my students this week and boom! One slips out. Because of the sitting to standing height ratios, I definitely farted right on the back of a girl's head. If she was turned around, it would have been right in her face.

No one said a word.

Either A) they didn't notice or B) they were trying to protect their poor anonymous friend from embarrassment.

There are definitely some perks about being the teacher :)


Joseph Quillen said...

Poor girl. She's probably scarred for life..."My teacher farted on my HEAD! OMGoodness." She's probably crying right now in a cramped, dark closet.

jeanene said...

Why are we so selfconcious of a normal process that happens to everyone?

RatalieNose said...

Amen Jeanene, amen.

The Meyers said...

Yes, the perks of being the teacher are quite nice sometimes :)


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