Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well the G20 is slowly meeting its demise. John has now had three prayer-filled commutes to work and is ready to have a car with working brakes and an engine that doesn't over heat. So in an effort to make room in the garage for a new addition, I'm saying goodbye to Stella. And her brand new battery. She was lovely and so much fun to ride. So now you too can pretend you are Cary Grant in Roman Holiday or Megan Fox in Transformers for the low price of $900 (but if you are a reader of this blog, $800 is what I'm really wanting for it.) Tell everyone you know! Especially that poor college student that can't really afford a car payment. Or the person that could appreciate the gas savings of 80 miles to the gallon. Or the photographer who could use a really fantastic prop. Or someone who rented one in Catalina and had a blast. Or anyone else you could possibly think of!


Julianne said...

What? You're getting rid of Stella!?! Poor Stella. She's so cool. I'm rather tempted by her, but what I really want is a nice bicycle to ride to work. I need some exercise. Any recommendations?

ACW said...

Good luck. Don't forget a facebook shout out and craigslist. :)


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