Monday, July 26, 2010

Mystery vacation with an undisclosed location

If one were to plan a perfect vacation for me it would include the following

1) A location I don't know until we get there

2) Begin with a stop where Guy Fieri ate that happens to have lots of pandas dressed as Mexican bandits with amazing food combos. Like Jade red chicken, emerald chicken, cuban black beans, and jerk fried rice. Chino Bandito, you have my seal of approval with your Mexican/Chinese/Jamaican food.
3) A drive with super cool rainbows
4) A stay in a world class hotel. One that has our own private cabin by the creek, so that you hear water flowing off your porch. One that only has valet parking. Which sparked the best quote from a valet after we explained how to get past the anti-theft for our car. "That's not too bad. It's the breathalyzers that always get me."

The valets must also put cold bottles of water in all of your cup holders every time, as well as wash your windshield as you are checking out.

And the hotel needs a bell man that takes all of your stuff up to the cabin that has candles lit and music playing (you know, since they radioed in "The Andersons are here" when we first drove onto the property). Then the bell boy should show you all the room perks, like the bathrobes and slippers, (My feet, not the bell boy's)

fireplace and tv, free toiletries with a mending kit and loofah (you know they all came home with me) and an OUTDOOR SHOWER THAT IS AMAZING!

5) There must also be complimentary yoga classes at multiple times throughout the day. As well as fresh scones and hot chocolate each morning. With an astronomy tour on Friday nights.

6) Of course there needs to be a concierge that is friendly and all knowing. So when you ask for a nice diner to eat breakfast at (since the hotel restaurant is $25/person for breakfast), she whips out a map to give us and highlights the route to her top three options.

7) The vacation must also be centered around new and beautiful hiking.
A hike that the concierge suggests, maps to the trail head, AND gives you copies of the trail info from the most popular Sedona hike books.(Rain, not sweat. Well some sweat, but mostly rain)

8) The vacation should also include lots of fun restaurants, fudge, and bakeries as well as significant portions of time to read by the creek and take advantage of the chairs with complimentary water bottles just inviting you to sit. So your vacation is actually relaxing instead of stressful (My picture is on my phone, so I stole the website's)

Needless to say, I have to coolest husband ever, that managed to get this typically $400/night hotel for $130/night AND keep the location a secret for a month. This was more perfect for me than Hawaii darling, thanks for knowing me so well.


jeanene said...

Hey John! Want to plan a vacation for me. Or maybe we'll just copy you. Just amazing!

Elena said...

Great pictures sis! I want to go on a vacation. Oh well. Love you!

Jackijo said...

John you are the king of vacation planners. Ok so vacation planning is your super power. Well combined with finding great deals on everything! You will be helping me plan my next vacation, perhaps in exchange for babysitting in the future!

Mom said...

Wow! That sound like a PERFECT vacation to me too. I am so envious. Aunt B

ACW said...

Seriously! Color me jealous.

Lianna said...

Definitely scoring high on the awesome points!! I think I may have to copy....


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