Thursday, February 25, 2010

Science Teacher Rule # 24

Freshmen boys have a strange concept of hygiene.

funny boy: Mrs. Anderson, do you have nail clippers

Me (thinking he must have one annoying hang nail): Sure, just make sure anything you clip makes it into the trash can.

Funny boy: Ok (brings trashcan to his seat. Commences to clip his nails. All of them. During daily warmups. Shrugs off the bewildered looks of his classmates. Returns trash can. Places clippers back on my desk.)

Two hours later

Very excitable boy: (enters classroom) Whoa are those nail clippers?!

Me: Yes

Very excitable boy: Can I borrow them?!

Me: Sure (curious to see what all the excitement is about)

Very excitable boy: Sweet! (begins his own manicure. cuts all his nails. collects them and throws them in trash. returns nail clippers)

I hang my head in shame that this surprised me at all


Merkley Jiating said...

That is strange. I don't know why I am surprised though. Sam does weird things like that, too.

Lindsey Layton said...

Haha! That's so funny! I chuckled out loud.

Anonymous said...

Bahaha love it!
BTW, your dad is helping direct the show I'm in. He's my hero. Officially.

Lena said...

Well at 14 how often do you look at your finger nails? Maybe once while you are playing video games and think "wow I need to cut those ... ahhh there's a guy on my six ..." So when they see the nail clippers and they have nothing more interesting to do they cut them. Makes sense to me :)I love you sister.

Erin said...

Yeah this makes sense to me too. Guys in general hate looking for things... like nail clippers. And what better way to waste class time than clipping your nails right?


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