Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The longest day of fun.

We started the day out at the Seattle Children's Museum. This buckeroo is finally old enough to enjoy it.

I think they spent half an hour playing with these bones.

Then we met up with Pamela et al at the big fountain.

This is what a selfie looks like trying to fit three kids in. The whole goal was to try and fit the iconic arches in of the science center. Oh well. That was our next stop.

Soon my babies won't fit into the dinosaur print.

This time J just made the baby look at the picture.

Butterfly dreams do come true! This girl finally had one land on her. Then after I took the picture one landed on me and another on M3. Then I had to try really really hard to keep the baby from ripping the wings off the creatures. I kept trying to shake them off but of course they didn't budge.

This was by far the baby's favorite spot.

 After this we ate some overpriced science cafe food because there had been waaaaaay too many adventures. Then we rode the monorail to the Westlake center and bought entertainment and provisions so we could meet Husband at the timbuk2 store. He won a free custom bag and gave it to me! I couldn't help but laugh as I was picking out the options. My kids were literally eating a box of pocky.

You've got to love it when stuff hits you right in the demographic.

Then we went to facebook for dinner. Longest day of all time. We survived it though and enjoyed most of it.

1 comment:

jeanene c said...

NOOOO too big for the dino footprint???? Can't be true! And true demographic profiling....Minority report shopping is not far away.


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