Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Valentine's Day Cousin Party 2016

Here is our Ode to Pinterest

The donuts Shane brought were pretty much the only thing the kids cared about.

Big Sis had some fun crafts for the kids to work on as they came in. One was decorating their drinking cups. Pure genius.

Weston made a minion cup

An Aunt Mona classic, essentially hot potato.

M didn't really get it.

 They also decorated sugar cookies. This is why she is the cool auntie. I pretty much hate decorating cookies with children. My OCD can't handle the waste and the mess the general work.

This is just waiting for a photo montage on some social media platform when they are both in middle school. Happy birthday to my favorite 2nd cousin in the whole wide world! XOXO *hearteyes*#foreverfriends.

 The. Sass. I love it.

The older boys were such great sports and are so good with the young kids. I love to photograph them because they don't roll their eyes or argue, they just pause, smile, and move on.

Poor Ben was rather sick and just nursed his gatorade the whole time

The gun was a non-negotiable part of this portrait.

I'm pretty sure she has the soul of a precious moments doll.

Big Sis was kind enough to style the hair for our little photoshoot. The girls lined up in the bathroom was pretty adorable.

 These were the coolest thing and I loved that Shane introduced us to them. You pound the package and the chemical reaction starts inflating a balloon inside until the pressure pops it. The suspense before it pops is fantastic.

They were mostly looking at the camera.

Ben perked up

For a moment at least.


Lindsey Layton said...

Soul of a precious moments doll! Haha! Looks like a great time :)

jeanene c said...

I Need to come next year!!! You kids are just sooo cool! Thanks to Aunt Mona for starting the tradition!

jeanene c said...

PS, I will even try to bring fancy treats though you will still have to do the photography!

Camille said...

Those balloon things would stress me out so bad. I can't open a can of grand's biscuits for the same stressful reason. Just thinking about it makes me want to curl up and hide.

Katie said...

What fun memories you're making for them!


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