Thursday, August 20, 2015

Maidename Camping!

This year we went up to Mt. Lemon with all my siblings, minus Lil' Sis. It was a blast and probably my favorite camping spot yet.

There was some soft ball enjoyed.

There was lots of dirt and tears.

And some smiles.

 And lots of time with cousins.

M loved that there was a "hey-ya-copter"

Grammy packed some crafts.

There were a few rounds of sticker face.

"I love Uncle Todd. He's so crazy!"

We found some lovely folks willing share their tackle with a million kids.

 There were even fish actually caught!

And delicious food abounded!

This is one way to play cornhole

Uncle Eric set up a really fun swing.

Thank Parents for planning it all and taking care of all the food!

We left the kids in the tent after they went to sleep and went to chat with the adults at the other campsite.  Apparently M woke up so J took him down to us. They were both in footie pajamas and had no flashlight so J used her octopus nightlight that she packed. When Husband was relating the story, he said they walked down by the light of the octopus and we all loved the phrase. Now "By the Light of the Octopus" is a family catch phrase.


Katie said...

Great pictures! You all make camping look fun!

jeanene c said...

Wonderful photos and thanks for your contributions. We had such a fun time and I delight in spending time with my family!

Todd said...

I'm always so glad when nieces and nephews remember me, and even more so when I'm remembered fondly. Love your family, and thanks for coming. By the Light of the Octopus is definitely an awesome phrase, worthy of family lore.


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