Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Then she wanted to take a picture of me on the first day of preschool. Here are the results:

The instagram shoe shot

The avant guard cropped head photo


This is a little better. Forehead-free is the going to be the next trend in wedding photos.

She picked out her outfit at the store and was so excited to go to her "preschool house." The highlight was snack time. And I may have looked at the clock at 11:30am and realized belated I was supposed to pick her up. There were two kids still waiting so I didn't feel that bad :)


jeanene c said...

It Kills me that I am missing these firsts though I expect even if I were home I wouldn't have been 'there'. Give her a kiss from Grammy.

Elena said...

The girl knows her way around a camera phone, though if it had been google chat I think she would have been better :)

Lianna said...

True, although if it was google chat you may have ended up with a mustache. In a french cafe or in front of a mountain. I can't believe she picked a matching outfit. Trendy at 3, I guess she's her momma's daughter though. What a sweet girl


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