Thursday, May 15, 2014

Riverview Splash Pad

We went to Riverview park's new splash pad. I though M would be scared and freaked out, but nope, he waddled right into the thick of it, falling on the concrete every couple steps. Learning how to walk is hard work! He doesn't have any pictures because I was busy trying to keep him upright and spash pads are the definition of death for smartphones.  I was glad I wore a swim suit even though I was the only mom to do so. I guess some kids come when you call them? I hear some don't like to be too far away from their parents. I wonder what that's like.

"Look mom! I made paw prints!"

The noodles spout water at surprise intervals


jeanene c said...

I want to play with you! Looks like such fun! Love the 'paw prints'.

Marilyn said...

We should meet up at the splash pad some time! My kids also really like the one in Gilbert behind Liberty Market. Elliot is too big for some of them.


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