Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shaun the Sheep

After lamenting J's Wallace and Gromit obsession to my cousin back in December, she mentioned being a fan of the spin off, Shaun the Sheep. Since she is expecting her first little one, I wanted to crochet her something and found this pattern online. I changed pattern for the eyes to look less creepy and gave him some nostrils when I had the inevitable moment upon finishing where I start to doubt if it even looks like it is supposed to.

Here is what we were going for if you haven't the foggiest what show I'm talking about.

And since Shaun the Sheep has its own spin off, Timmy Time, I couldn't help but make Little Timmy too. I showed him to J, who smiled really big with this reply, "Sheep! Baby Sheep! Plug!" Glad she could tell the yellow blob was a pacifier, since he looks a little less like the clay fellow.


jeanene c said...

These are so adorable! I love your creative toys. J is a lucky little girl to have Mom make her such cute toys. I may just have to watch a Sheep movie with J someday.

Lianna said...

And that cousin LOVES them! They make me smile every time I change her diaper because Shaun is climbing over the changing table rail.. They were the first two objects I made a point of showing my daughter.. "Look, it's Shaun /Timmy !" :D


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