Monday, August 13, 2012

The Inaugural Summer Camping Trip

 Once upon a time, not long ago a man embarked on a journey with his trusty sidekick.

They trekked to a pretty little spot near Prescott by the name of Lynx Lake

They were delighted that the Lynx had vacated so the enjoyed their time skipping rocks into the lake.

Much to their surprise it rained spectacularly for a few hours. The precipitation graciously waited until the camp was set up so they could hole up inside.

But the rain ended up creating more fun in the form of mud

It even styled hair in the shape of a flower.

Eventually life as normal resumed.


 And they all lived happily ever after.


Katie said...

Wow, what wonderful messes! The kids probably had the time of their lives, so good for you for letting them!

Jackijo said...

Just getting around to reading this! Thanks for helping plan this trip. I am ready to do it again next year.


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