Sunday, July 22, 2012

I don't want to do anything ever again ever

Am I the only one who feels that way after vacation? Or everyday between 3-5 pm in during the summertime? I can sometimes cure it with excessive amounts of popsicles but I just had trouble shaking it this last week. Thankfully, I'm back to my ambitious self so you all get some new blogs to read. Big thanks to Lauren and Angela for guest posting for me, especially on short notice. I adore what you fine ladies wrote.

This mentality goes along swimmingly with my Korean drama addiction. I am still enjoying it completely and am amazed at how much fun kdrama has added to my life beyond the screen. Take a look at some cell phone picture evidence.

I found a Korean Justin Bieber haircut. My husband also pointed out how his hair is as big as his face.

I found a movie company I can totally relate to.

While in Seattle we hit up the Asian market and had a ramen taste test. Pickled vegetable was the surprising winner, beating out curry and "spicy," These all came with two or three seasoning packets compared to our measly one. Although two surprised us by being instant sweet potato threads so we put them in a separate category.

Lil' Sis and I rocked like salary men doing legit Asian karaoke, as in the private room awesomeness found here. An hour goes by so quick. Even without alcohol.

 We went out to Korean bbq and tried all kinds of things from the baby octopus to pig intestines.

Seriously people, you have to give them a try. Not the baby octopus, you can skip that, but Kdramas. And korean bbq. Totally worth it.


jeanene c said...

Pig intestines? On the other hand what do we put sausage in? Okay, I'll try it next time I am in a Korean BBQ. I just don't dare start a Kdrama. I addict too easily.

Lauren said...

I love how when you like something you are all in. Totally how I am too! This post cracked me up. And the heat sucks my motivation as well. I am going to diiieee when we get there. So will my children. Abigail refuses to get in the car when it's "too hot". The hottest it has been here is 80 degrees. Poor child is going to melt!


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