Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God is Good

I should be in Hawaii right now.

I'm not.

Instead my husband is one appendix lighter and rather comical to watch get off the couch.

All of this is awesome though. Really, honest to goodness, awesome. Here's why:

1) If he would have waited two days, it would have happened in Hawaii. Emergency surgery is no fun in paradise.

2) If the appy blew any earlier I would have had to take off the last week of school. That would have been a nightmare to try and arrange.
3) The resort we booked refunded every dime, including the deposit. And wished him a speedy recovery.

4) The airline gave us full credit with no change of flight fees. So now we have the equivalent of two Delta giftcards. Essentially no money lost.

5) Appendicitis is very hard to differential diagnose without a CT scan because it presents differently in so many people. I wanted to avoid an ER visit if possible so we went to an urgent care to find out if his white blood cell count was up. Thankfully it was. That made it an easy decision to go to the ER. If it wasn't, the decision would have been harder.

6) The urgent care doc recommended Mercy Gilbert hospital for a generally quick wait time and he said the er docs were amazing. The whole hospital gets 2 thumbs way up. Everyone was happy and courteous. There was no waiting for triage. We saw a doc in about ten minutes. They were quick on all the labs. They gave us a private room to wait in before the CT scan. As soon as they got the CT results, it was just an hour until he was under the knife. Now whether or not that had to do with how close he was to rupturing is another story...

7) John was still able to catch the end of the Suns game. And he had painkillers for it. Total plus considering the outcome.

8) My dad came and waited with me. If he had called and asked I would have said not to worry about it because I was fine. I'm glad my mom just sent him. With food for me :) It meant a lot. And that he stayed with John so I could run home and shower. This would not have happened in Hawaii.

9)Oh the food at Mercy was awesome. They had a "killer breakfast burrito" on the menu that really was killer. Like the size of my head. For $2. John was stuck with broth and jello and pudding, although I did offer to sneak him some burrito. I may have found my new 24 hr restaurant.

10) John already had the time scheduled off work so it has been no problem laying low this week. I'm on summer break so I don't have to use sick days.

11) We sleep 10-12 hours a day and don't feel guilty. In Hawaii we would be obligated to wake up and go adventuring.

12) I got my end of school sickness a week early this year instead of the first week of break like typical. So I had energy enough to take care of my sweetie.

13) We have good jobs with insurance so this is not financial ruin.

14)I have a healthy husband. Priceless.

So life is marvelous. Favorite quote from my husband with the awesome pain tolerance:

Doc: How are you feeling?
J: Good!
Doc: No you're not! We just got your CT scan back.

I kept telling him to stop saying his pain was a 5/10 because no one would take that seriously. I knew that him texting me at work with "I think I'm dying. Will you come home?" is not 5/10. His reasoning, "it's 5/10 if I don't move anywhere. 9/10 when I move at all. As long as I'm not moving, I'm fine." Thankfully they had a nice smiley face chart to go with the numbers so I could show him where he was on the normal people scale.


Merkley Jiating said...

Good job being positive! This is a VERY positive post! Happy day for Geneva and John. I am glad "the appy" did not explode.

Jackijo said...

I am so glad all went well. You are right, that is a beautiful hospital. I would go there if it was on my list of choices.

John knows how to plan a vacation. I can imagine it now:

John thinking: "I have a week of vacation, how do I get away with laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing? I know! I will have emergency appendicitis. Now the timing is critical. I must arrange it so they get it just before it bursts. That way I can still get all the drugs but I will be out of the hospital and home on my own couch in a day!"

You didn't think he was such a vacation planning genius!

When he gets feeling better, let's go out!

lindsay said...

glad to see he is doing better and recovering well! you're smart to look at the bright side of things! just keep taking good care of yourself so you can keep taking care of him....or just hand him a WOW headset and keyboard. that makes them happy too. love you guys.

Joseph and Lianna Quillen said...

Whew! So glad he's doing fine now! I suppose Hawaii will just have to wait - but at least the appendix won't have the pleasure of coming with!
You and John are both so amazing!

Elena said...

I had a good laugh when john used his droid to comment on his recent surgery while still in the hospital. I think maybe a trip to the pop shop is in order :) Love you sister!

ACW said...

I'm glad everything is working out as well. I sure love John and his sense of humor. :)

shamers said...

so glad he's okay. good timing, john! :)

Camille Elise said...

Wow. I'm glad everything worked out okay. Y'all are really really lucky you didn't have pay for that doctors visit after you flew to Hawaii! What a mess that would have been.


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