Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Steals: what turned me into a crazy person

Did you know that I WON?! I am the proud recipient of a $7 amazon gift card. You better believe I'm going to enter the saturday steals every week. You should to. More people= more $ for the prize.

This week's steal is my purdy new street bike. Well kind of new. I got it a bit ago. It retails for about $1000. For those of you going WHAT?!!! I hear you. I thought $200 was decent price for a bike until I became a crazy person. I hadn't owned anything but a walmart bike in my life, and even that was purchased when I was in junior high.

Enter the world of triathlons. You can drop $5000 on a tri bike easy. No kidding. Don't believe me? Look.

But I just wanted something besides a borrowed mountain bike. My awesome bro-in-law was training for the tri with me and bought a bike. Then he decided that he's rather have a new gun. So he offered it to me for $500. I think he rode it twice. But here's where the steal is. Since he bought it from the shop, he gets lifetime tune ups and maintenance free. Plus the bike fitting ($80). And since he had it for maybe three weeks before he sold it to me, guess who still gets all those perks?

Yep. Me.

There is a downside though. Having a shiny, pretty bike makes you do silly things. Like ride 7miles to work once a week. Or get convinced to go for 30 mile bike rides AFTER teaching junior high all day.

Of course, 37 miles in one day would have been MUCH worse without my bike. I think she needs a name. Any ideas internetdom?


Julianne said...

She? I'm thinking he. Maybe Antonio... or Petro. Although if you already have in mind that he's a she, I'm sure someone else will have a good suggestion.

Dallin said...

River. Like River from Firefly.

ticklepea said...

i like River! What a good steal xxx

Camille Elise said...

Rosy Red. OR...Red Robin...some good alliteration never hurt anybody...or a bike name. haha.

Jackijo said...

Diana as in Wonder Woman's real name.

Or Pegasus because on that bike you feel like you are flying.

Or perhaps Mercury

Jordan said...

I have a pretty red road bike that I bought used in order to do triathlons too :) The brand of mine is Serotta so I call it "Myy Serotta" as in the song "My Sharona". heh.
I've always been one to say you can't force names on things, they just have to appear, so maybe give it some time?

Camille said...

It sounds like you're getting your money's worth! Good on ya! (Great steal; thanks for participating and giving SS a shout out.)

I Heart Monster said...

Great steal! Free lifetime service? Can't beat that! Congrats on an amazing steal :o)


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