Thursday, December 28, 2017


We saw real reindeer at Country Village for play group.

I took J to see Snowflake Lane for a Mommy Daughter date.

Then I took her ice skating and she was amazing at it, especially for the first time.

We made gingerbread houses at Facebook holiday party.

M3 turned off the oven when I was baking cupcakes for J's party. Then he destroyed them hours later.

J loved her pony party with real ponies




She squealed with delight when I said the ponies were here.



Bobbing for apples is surprisingly difficult and the kids loved it.

My first ever spun yarn from Coco.

A day at the Pacific Science Center.

Almost too big for tradition.

Christmas Eve was really hard and the kids had a hard time even though church was on hour, but at least we looked adorable.

I did fancy nail art on J's nails.

It snowed Christmas Eve, at night so it didn't stop any preparations. It was perfect and felt like a gift just for me.

I finished crocheting all the stockings.

Matching jammies

Snowface prints

M3 wasn't so sure about sledding. Lips chased after us, unsure himself.



Puzzle from Grandma Anderson

Husband's birthday at the arcade, Theo's chocolate factory tour, pastries, Uneeda burger.

New Years Eve with the Tappens and Boushleys


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